Can you speak a foreign language? Can you play any sports? Do you know the best places in town?

SoQua helps you make money by using your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Use the app to make the most of your spare time by providing services to users who may need you.

Create your profile

Enter your details and introduce yourself like a pro: add some photos, fun facts about you, your interests, the languages you can speak or the sports you can play to create an eye-catching profile.

Without limits

No matter if you don’t have any special qualifications or skills as a guide, no matter your looks or if you have any physical impairments. Each of your features can become your strength to provide a unique experience.

Show what you're worth

You get to set your hourly rate. On one condition: it cannot be less than € 15.00 per hour (gross). No unpaid work allowed!

Ready when you are

Be the host and show the best side of your favourite places. If your guests enjoy the experience, they will be happy to recommend you to other travellers!

Ready when you are

Set the days and time slots that work best for you. Through GPS location, travellers can immediately see if you are near them and if you are available.

Requirements to become a SoQua

Being yourself

No filter needed on SoQua! The value of your profile is determined by who you are. You are free to choose which services you want provide, depending on your time, place, and skills.

Extra points

Any special interests or hobbies, speaking a foreign language, playing an instrument, playing sports or being a qualified tourist guide will make your profile look even better! Travellers may want to spend their time with you even if you’re an expert on dog grooming, live music or pizza huts.

Minimum age

As long as you are at least 18 years old, and with no upper age limit, you can create your profile and make yourself available to users looking for your services.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What if I'm no longer available?

Not being able to go to an appointment will cause an inconvenience to other users as well as to the platform, so please avoid this as much as possible. When special circumstances prevent you from providing your service, please inform your guests and the platform’s Customer Care immediately.

How much does a SoQua cost?

You will find the hourly rate of each SoQua per person and per groups of people on their profiles. Their hourly rate cannot be less than € 15. We believe everyone deserves a fair pay and we respect the dignity of every person.

Can I use the app from any country?

Yes. Remember to turn on your phone’s GPS location tracker to make your position visible and to ensure your safety. You will need to check whether the platform is already active in the country where you would like to use it.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to browse the app?

No, you can sign up for free. You will only need to enter your credit card details to book a service.

How many people can I book for?

You can book for as many people as the host is able to entertain during a specific activity.

As a SoQua host, can I refuse someone?

When you receive a request you can see the person who is booking your service, e.g. their photos, profile, nationality and comments, and decide whether to accept their request or not.

Can I stay longer than planned with a host that I like?

No. Every action requires an electronic transaction, including the extension of your experience or any tips.

Can I invite my guest to my home for lunch or drinks?

As a host, you can do what you feel is right depending on the service, activity or experience you provide, following your common sense and our safety tips.

Can I use a generic photo or some landscape as my host profile photo?

No. Your client must be able to recognise you when you meet.

Can I wear sunglasses in my profile picture?

Not if your sunglasses cover your eyes. You can wear them on the top of your head, but they must not cover your features.

Can I work as a host even at night?

You can work 24/7. Just be sure to comply with local laws. Always!

Can I advertise my own business?

Yes, as long as the business is related to you and not to someone else. Deceptive advertising can be punished by law and we are not responsible for managing your profile.

What happens if I upload naked pictures?

The system will block photos and videos with graphic content. In serious cases, SoQua reserves the right to block the account temporarily and, in some cases, the user may be permanently banned from SoQua. Warning: some extreme situations could lead to a legal complaint.

What happens if I use explicit language?

The use of vulgar and defamatory language is not allowed on SoQua. Your account may be instantly deleted without the right of reply.

Can I add links to my LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media accounts to my host profile?

Yes. We are also thinking about creating a regulated space so that visitors can access your accounts quickly and easily.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting or disabling your account is very easy: go to your personal profile (client or host), scroll to the bottom and click on “delete account” or “disable temporarily”. Deleting your account will delete all your information from our servers and it will no longer be possible to recover anything. If you temporarily deactivate your account, you can decide when you want to return and use the service and no one besides you will be able to see your profile.

Where can I find some tutorials on how to set up my SoQua host profile?

We are working to launch a section packed with information to help you create an eye-catching profile and attract users who may be interested in your services.

How can I earn money?

Just plan your day and make yourself available to potential travellers based on your free time. You get to decide how much you want to earn per hour starting from a minimum rate of € 15 per hour. Upon registration, you will be asked to enter your IBAN number so that payments can be made to your checking account.

Do I need a checking account?

If you already have one, just enter your account details. If you don’t, you can create a new account or a prepaid card that can also be used with your IBAN number (e.g. Revolut).

Can I record any voice messages?

Not yet, but we are working to make it possible.

Why can't my hourly fee be less than € 15?

SoQua was designed to be a merit-based platform that respects the dignity of people and rewards their work. Your minimum hourly rate should be worth your work, your time and your experience.

Do I need to have a VAT number to work as a SoQua?

No. To work as a SoQua, all you need is you!

Can I work as a SoQua using my VAT number?

Yes. You can add your details as a freelancer and then bill your service according to local regulations.

Get what you’re looking for in real time, wherever you are.