Open SoQua and check who’s around!

Have you ever been somewhere new and wondering “if only I knew who to ask”? Who could I ask for a jam session? A hike? The best pretzel in town? When you travel, you can plan each day well in advance. Or not. You may wake up and change your mind. You may want to meet someone to hang out with, practice a foreign language or play a sport.

That’s when you may want to use Soqua.


From online to face-to-face in a few simple steps. Here’s how to find the right person for you!

Use the filters to find your ideal SoQua

Search for the right person by choosing from many filters available: not only date and place, but also languages, hobbies, sports, and hourly rates. The reviews will tell you more about that user. You too can review your experience with them.

See who’s there in real time

You can choose your SoQua before you leave, or on the spot. You will be able to see the SoQua users near you and select the one you like the most. Unplanned afternoons or a change of plans can become fun and enriching with a click.

Safety first

We protect your privacy and use secure, globally approved payment systems. Your payment will be on hold until you actually meet your SoQua. We also ask SoQua hosts and travellers to stick to our community guidelines and safety advice.

Enjoy your experience

Meet your SoQua and get your fill of unique stories to tell your friends when you return home.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If I book a service for several people, will they all pay the full rate?

The person who books the service will pay the full rate, while any other co-guests – that is the group with whom you will meet the host – will pay 40% of the full rate.

How can I pay?

Payments are made by credit card or PayPal.

How much does a SoQua cost?

You will find the hourly rate of each SoQua per person and per groups of people on their profiles. Their hourly rate cannot be less than € 15. We believe everyone deserves a fair pay and we respect the dignity of every person.

Can I use the app from any country?

Yes. Remember to turn on your phone’s GPS location tracker to make your position visible and to ensure your safety. You will need to check whether the platform is already active in the country where you would like to use it.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to browse the app?

No, you can sign up for free. You will only need to enter your credit card details to book a service.

How many people can I book for?

You can book for as many people as the host is able to entertain during a specific activity.

Do children pay?

When you book for your family, you will only pay for children aged 11 and above.

If I want to tip my host, does the tip need to be in cash?

No. At the end of your experience, a pop-up message will appear on your phone asking you if you want to leave a tip or not. If you do, the amount you wish to leave as a tip will be transferred from your credit card.

Can hosts see me when I browse the app?

No. Your host will only be able to contact you if you book a service and will see your location 10 minutes before for the meeting.

How long in advance do I have to cancel a service to avoid paying a penalty?

You cannot cancel a JIT experience, because it is an instant service provided on the spot; for other activities and tours, you will need to read the conditions specified by the host in the service description. The hosts will set their own cancellation deadlines.

What if I don't like the service I'm receiving? Can I stop it?

For now, you cannot stop the service and be reimbursed. You can however talk about it with your host and write went wrong and what you did not like in your review.

Can I become a host if I am in a wheelchair?

Of course. Limitations live only in our minds! Our platform was created to offer the same opportunities to everyone.

Is there a regulation for hosts?

We are working to complete it. If you have any advice, please email us at

Can I change my credit card details?

Yes, as long as a new authorised credit card is entered first. If you have used your debit card for an upcoming service, then you will need to wait until you have received that service, because the Gateway payment unlocks the amount after it has been confirmed.

Can I bring my pets along?

Yes, if your host says you can.

Will I get any messages from SoQua?

Only via the app. Be wary of other types of messages; SoQua will not email you.

Can I make my personal and contact data visible to everyone?

Always avoid providing your personal and sensitive data to third parties unless strictly necessary. At SoQua, we will never ask you to share your data with third parties. Your data is very valuable. Keep it safe!

Can I pay with PostePay?

Yes. PostePay is one of the accepted payment methods as it is part of the Visa debit card services.

Can I use PayPal?

Yes. Paypal is one of the online payment systems that can be used on SoQua.

Get what you’re looking for in real time, wherever you are.