SoQua means “I’m here”.

Translated from an Italian dialect, the meaning of SoQua is simple and straightforward: SoQua means I’m here – for you, right now, to meet your needs.

SoQua helps people connect when they need each other. Locals have the opportunity to make themselves known, and guests the freedom to pick the right person for them.

SoQua is available to you wherever you are – here – and in real time – now.


Our vision is to help travellers and locals meet, so you can travel the world as if it were your home. SoQua is a local who is there for you, ready to tell you more about themselves and to create a tailored experience based on your interests.


Our mission is to value places and people: to help you discover some hidden, lesser-known places that locals love, but also to enable you to leverage your own knowledge and become a SoQua yourself.

Are you a SoQua or a traveller?

If you are a SoQua, you can make the most of your time and knowledge by making yourself available to travellers when it’s convenient for you. You set the price.

If you are a traveller, you can choose your SoQua whenever you need it and whenever you want to, without waiting, booking or advance planning. You will instantly find a person who is near you and happy to help.

Discover the values that make us unique


Feel free to be yourself with SoQua. Choose how to work, who to travel with and how to explore the world.


Everyone can join in! Young and old, employed and unemployed, with and without qualifications, with and without physical impairments.


SoQua arouses your desire to know the world and others, discover new places and local habits. To become more open and inclusive.


You’re worth it! Use SoQua to put to good use the things you have learned over the year, your unique experience and your personality.

Get what you’re looking for in real time, wherever you are.