Here is Antonio. Job: warehouse worker. Special marks: expert in table tennis. Experienced Ping Pong player. In short, the queen of chess (of Ping Pong).
Antonio came up with an alternate job. He decided to make use of his peculiarity.
On request, he closes his tennis table, puts it in the trunk and brings it to people to play. Not in any place. In the nature. Under the trees, on the snow, the hills, the roofs, even on the sidewalks.
A game with Antonio is not just a game. It’s an adventure. A story. A intrigue.
It all starts with the ball.
Antonio rotates it in his hands and asks, “What was the fastest shot?”
Nobody responds.
“One double dunk of 178 km”.
“And the longest exchange?”
Everyone is silent.
“Two hours and twelve minutes”.
But that’s not all Antonio teaches. He teaches the diplomacy of this sport. And it tells the story of the West meeting the East. And vice versa. And it’s a story you hardly ever hear. Because only Antonio knows. And only Antonio can tell it like that.
Antonio is a SoQua.
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