Hello everyone, my name is Stefano, I am 35 years old and I’ve been working as a bartender in Turin for more than ten years now.
I love my job but I have been trying to up my income for some time now. As an amateur cyclist, my dream is to go on a bike tour in Nepal. Still, it’s not so easy to find a part-time job while also working as a bartender, since I’m only available the first few days of the week.

One night some friends came to see me at the bar where I work and advised me to check out SoQua, a platform that they used to find someone to guide them around London’s street markets. The next day, as soon as I woke up from my Sunday night shift, I started browsing the SoQua website for information and downloaded the app. I liked that they talked about a “merit-based” platform. I learned more about it as I went through the FAQs: you cannot buy likes or dislikes, the reviews are certified and your rate can’t be less than € 15 per hour!

I wondered if anyone would offer bike tours in my area and started my search. I found so many options, from mountain biking to gravel riding and cycle tourism, complete with itineraries, stops and eateries along the way! I chose Gianni, who offered a 2-hour tour of “hidden Turin” for € 30 on Tuesday morning. I had two options: 5:00 am or 8:00 am. He confirmed shortly after my request (I opted for 5 in the morning, when there’s not many people around). He was easily recognisable at our meeting place: he was the only human being in sight, in a bike suit and ready to show me Turin from a new perspective. 5 other cyclists joined us shortly after; I didn’t know them, but it took us just a few minutes to get along. We got to know each other better at our first stop. They told me they met Gianni through the app, and they soon became friends. Now they go cycling together every week. I asked Gianni a few questions about working with SoQua and he gave me a few tips on how to use my profile, the kind of photos I should upload and the most popular activities. He also spoke well about the platform’s transparency. Tips are not taxed and you can also earn by affiliating other businesses, like restaurants. At the end of an amazing tour of Turin at dawn, he asked if I could write an honest review. And, honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with this experience!

I didn’t think twice about signing up with SoQua. Gianni’s profile inspired me to create my own. I would really like to make my guests feel at home while they explore my area, and I already have some local “gems” in mind.

I’ll soon be able to tell you how it goes. And Nepal feels a little closer already!