A friend recently introduced me to the SoQua app and it seemed tailor-made for me. It’s a way to work and make money in my spare time – no contracts, no strings attached. All I need to do is say where and when I am available and which services I can provide. For now I have decided to use two afternoons and one morning a week to provide biology tutoring and guitar classes.

I also mentioned a few other things that I can do, so that people get to know me better: I like running (join me for a calorie-burn challenge!), swimming, painting (mom’s house is full of my paintings… she says she’s not biased), I can speak English and Russian (thanks to my ex!).

The first week I struggled to keep up with requests! To make a student happy and help with his upcoming biology exam, I moved a guitar lesson to the next week. I am an extrovert who loves to socialise so I made friends with everyone – and their positive reviews confirmed it! One day a couple of tourists with two teenagers contacted me. They asked if I was willing to go for a stroll with them and show them the town. I’m not a local expert, but like any self-respecting university student, I explored the city centre far and wide in the past five years. I didn’t hesitate to accept. To be honest, I had a great time too; I took them to the central square and told them a few fun facts… the kids had a blast and when we stopped in a cafeteria the parents offered to pay for me too. It was like getting paid to have fun! They also left me an extra 5 euro tip, which I found in my virtual wallet on my profile, in addition to my hourly rate. After this positive experience, I decided to offer more city tours.

For now I love using SoQua and I just hope I’ll be able to find more time to work with it!