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SoQua is a new platform that connects people and experiences.

SoQua is a web platform and app that can help you make money by using your knowledge and skills, and by connecting you with people from different countries, cultures and languages, who travel for business or pleasure.

Value your time. A SoQua is also the person who provides the service.

Build on your knowledge, experience and skills. No matter how old you are or how many followers you have. Earn money for who you are and what you know, here and now.

The benefits of being a SoQua host

Use a free platform

Earn with what you know

Online payments

Work when you can

Make more money by involving other businesses

Make yourself visible on the web to acquire new clients (users/travellers)

No fake likes or dislikes

The more you work and get positive reviews, the more we will apply special discounts on the platform's fees to make you earn more

Certified reviews

Home is wherever you are

Discover experiences, people and countries without feeling lost. A SoQua is a local who can offer you the service you are looking for, when you need it and for a fair price.

If you wish to become a SoQua but can’t figure out how it works, check out our stories for some hints and ideas.

Antonio, Table tennis player and SoQua

Antonio, Table tennis player and SoQua

Here is Antonio. Job: warehouse worker. Special marks: expert in table tennis. Experienced Ping Pong player. In short, the queen of chess (of Ping...

Getting paid for what I love!

Getting paid for what I love!

Hi! My name is Marco, I am 23 years old and I’m in med school. My parents support me and allow me the luxury of studying, but I’m always looking for...

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